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Beverly Horn DuBransky (born April 14, 1971) is an American former child actor.

Beverly appeared alongside Jenny Lewis in a commercial for Toys R Us in 1982. In 1996 she joined Jenny and several of the other children from the 1982 commercial in recreating their roles as adults.

Life and Career[]

Beverly was discovered in her native Los Angeles while waiting in line at a bank with her mother, Yvonne. When she eventually landed the Toys R Us role, it paid well enough that her mother was able to take her to the store for the first time, where she bought a Barbie doll. She was subsequently cast in commercials for Wendy's McDonald's and various phone companies, as well as sitcoms and a Disney movie.

She moved away from acting while studying to be a nurse at Biola University in Los Angeles. She met her future husband Michael there, and his career as a physical therapist took them to Ventura. In 1996, she agreed to return for an updated version of the Toys R Us commercial.

She now works as a preschool teacher, and she and Michael have four children.

Select Filmography[]

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