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Eddie Gordon (October 7, 1941 - May 2, 2010) was an American harmonica virtuoso, and the father of Leslie Lewis, Jenny Lewis and Steve Gordon.

Life and Career[]

Eddie began his musical career playing with The Harmonica Rascals at age nine. He played the chord harmonica in Johnny Puleo's Harmonica Gang during the mid-1950s and in Dave Doucette's Stereomonics in the late 1960s. He began playing in duos in 1972 with guitarists Jimmy Thomas and Steve Ono.

He met Linda Lewis in Los Angeles in the 1970s at the musicians union. They spotted a job listing on a bulletin board, stating that a Las Vegas lounge act was looking for a singer and a harmonica player. They drove out there separately and joined the band Love's Way.

The two had a couple of children, Leslie and Jenny, before splitting up around 1978. Linda and the kids moved back to Los Angeles and Eddie became estranged from his children for decades.

Over his career, Eddie would also work with Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima and Stevie Wonder.

He later married a woman named Michelle, and became the father Chris and Sally Gordon.

Eddie's first wife was Jane Gutknecht, a dancer in a troupe he met at the Oklahoma State fair. They had two sons, Steve Gordon and Bob Gordon

When he fell sick with cancer, Steve took him in to care for him. Jenny was able to spend time with them both for the first time before Eddie finally passed away on May 2, 2010, after a long battle with the disease.


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