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If She Dies is the first of two stories (the other being Ye Gods) in the fifth episode of the revived Twilight Zone TV series. It aired on CBS on October 25, 1985, and was written by David Bennett Carren and directed by John Hancock. The story was adapted from a comic story of the same name in Twisted Tales #10, also written by Carren.


After his daughter Cathy (Andrea Barber) winds up in a coma from a car accident, widower Paul Marano (Tony Lo Bianco) encounters the ghost of a small girl who directs him to purchase an antique bed from an orphanage sale. That night, the ghost Sarah (Jenny Lewis) appears to him again and asks for someone named "Toby" before he tucks her into the bed. Paul learns at the orphanage that Sarah died before he was born and Toby was her teddy bear. When he explains Sarah's ghost has returned, the nun reluctantly gives him the bear. Paul removes Cathy from the hospital and puts her in Sarah's bed, which brings her out of the coma, as she asks for Toby.


If She Dies[]

Ye Gods[]

  • David Dukes as Todd Ettinger
  • Robert Morse as Cupid
  • Carolyn Seymour as Megaera
  • John Myhers as Ed Bacchus
  • Andrew Masset as Peter
  • Patti Karr as April
  • Ingrid Boulting as woman


  • The episode was shot in Los Angeles, California. The hospital, and both orphanages were located at the same intersection of Loma Dr. and W. 3rd St in the Westlake district. The building serving as the old orphanage actually was torn down and is currently Casa Loma Apartments.

Other Information[]

  • Sarah's last name is "Brannigan" in the comic book.
  • Certain names and spellings are never given in the episode and come from online sources only. Consequently, they may be incorrect.
    • The name Agnes is never spoken in the episode. In the comic, her name is Sister Carmella.
    • Paul's last name "Marano" is never given. His last name is "Molano" in the comic.
    • Cathy's name is spelled "Kathy" in the comic, but the TV spelling is never shown in the episode.
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