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Linda Joy Lewis (November 11, 1946 - October 13, 2017) was an American singer, and the mother of Leslie Lewis and Jenny Lewis.

Life and Career[]

Linda Lewis was born in Los Angeles, California.

Linda met Eddie Gordon in L.A. in the 1970s at the musicians union. They spotted a job listing on a bulletin board, stating that a Las Vegas lounge act was looking for a singer and a harmonica player. They drove out there separately and joined the band Love's Way.

The two had a couple of children, Leslie and Jenny, before splitting up around 1978. Linda and the kids moved back to Los Angeles and Eddie became estranged from his children for decades.

While she worked as a waitress, Linda began bringing Jenny to auditions, getting her parts in commercials, and later TV shows and movies.

When Jenny learned her mother was dying of liver cancer in August of 2017, she began visiting her in the hospital every day. Linda succumbed to the disease on October 13 of that year.