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Rilo Kiley (also released as The Initial Friend EP) is the debut album by Rilo Kiley. Despite having a runtime of well over thirty minutes, it is considered an EP (extended play) and not an official full album.

All songs are credited as written by Blake and Jenny, and published by Up from Sloth Music on Rilo Records.

Some of the songs were recorded at Blake's house, while others were done in various studios, such as Sound City Studios and Cello Studios. Early demos of some of the songs were financed by Dave Foley and recorded at Sandbox Recording Studio on May 2, 1998.

In the liner notes, the band thanks Dave Foley, Morgan J. Freeman, Alex Greenwald, A. M., and Calvin Johnson.

The album's cover design was taken from the final book in John Fante's Arturo Bandini series, "Dreams from Bunker Hill", published in 1982.

Track listing[]

First pressing[]

No. Title Length
1. Frug 2:41
2. 85 5:17
3. Glendora 2:46
4. Papillon 3:51
5. Teenage Love Song 5:52
6. Asshole 5:24
7. Sword 2:47
8. Steve 1:31
9. Keep It Together (hidden track) 5:02
Total length: 35:11

Second pressing[]

No. Title Length
1. Frug 2:41
2. Papillon 3:51
3. Always 2:19
4. 85 5:17
5. Glendora 2:46
6. Teenage Love Song 5:52
7. Sword 2:47
8. Asshole 5:24
9. Gravity 2:48
10. Troubadours / The Annoying Noise of Death (hidden track) 22:04
Total length: 55:49