The Jenny Lewis Museum Wiki

A wide range of article types are permissible at The Jenny Lewis Museum. If you're interested in creating anything that's not on this list, or are unsure if something qualifies, be sure to ask the community before doing so.


Anyone who has worked on a project with Jenny can have their own article. This includes:

  • an actor in a movie, TV episode, commercial or music video that Jenny appears in, even if they don't share any screen time
  • a director, writer or any crew member who worked on any of the above
  • any musician or producer whose talent was used on a recording that Jenny created or contributed to
  • any musician who appeared in a band with Jenny or at any point performed live on stage with her in public
  • anyone whose life otherwise significantly intersected with Jenny's


Aside from cast and crew, any articles can be created for any acting project Jenny has worked on, including:


  • any albums Jenny has released or contributed to, even if it was just one song
  • any songs that Jenny has recorded or performed live, including covers
  • any concerts that Jenny put on or participated in on stage
  • any venues that Jenny has performed at


Any public event or special that Jenny has attended can have its own article.


Any city, state, province or country that Jenny has lived in, performed in or filmed in can have its own article.


Lists of any of the above article types can be created, as well as any other lists pertaining to Jenny's life or works.