The Jenny Lewis Museum Wiki

This is a timeline of the life and works of Jenny Lewis from 2002 until the present. This includes release dates of every project she's ever worked on, as well as concert dates and other public appearances.


continued from Timeline (1999-2001)
  • March 17 - Jenny attends the premiere of Spun, as Jason Schwartzman's date.
  • May 6 - The Postal Service performs live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Electric.
  • May 2 - Jenny's father Eddie Gordon dies after a long battle with cancer.
  • September 9 - Jenny and Johnny open for Pavement at the Odgen Theatre in Denver, Colorado.
  • December 3 - Jenny and Johnny perform live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Electric.
  • July 29 - Jenny's third solo album The Voyager is released.
  • October 23 - Jenny performs live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Electric.
  • Jenny forms Nice As Fuck with Erika Forster and Tennessee Thomas.
  • August 20 - Jenny learns that her mother has terminal liver cancer. She begins visiting her in the hospital every day.
  • October 13 - Jenny's mother Linda Lewis loses her battle with cancer.
  • December 18 - Jenny sings the Toys R Us theme song in a new commercial.
  • August 18 - Jenny performs a performance at PEOPLE Festival at the Funkhaus in Berlin, Germany. She befriends Serengeti.
  • March 22 - Jenny's fourth solo album On the Line is released.
  • May 22 - Jenny Lewis performs a performance at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon.
  • November 23 - Jenny and Serengeti attend the Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz 2 boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • November 29 - Jenny's single entitled On the iPhone is released exclusively on pink 7" vinyl. It consists of demo recordings of Rabbit Hole and Bob Dylan's Standing in the Doorway, recorded on Jenny's iPhone.
  • February 14 - Jenny Lewis hosts Morning Becomes Electric on KCRW, presenting her Valentine's Day playlist.
  • October 2 - Rilo Kiley's self-titled EP is released digitally. The vinyl release is delayed.
  • November 20 - Rilo Kiley's self-titled EP is released on vinyl.
  • December 2 - Jenny Lewis and Serengeti release a collaboration, entitled Unblu.
  • December 15 - Ringo Starr releases the first song from his upcoming EP, entitled "Here's to the Nights". It features Jenny Lewis on back-up vocals.
  • December 18 - A music video is released for Ringo Starr's "Here's to the Nights".
  • January 27 - Jenny Lewis and Serengeti release their second collaboration, Vroom Vroom.
  • February 3 - Jenny Lewis announces on Instagram that she has a new pet cockapoo, named Bobby Rhubarb Lewis.
  • February 11 - Jenny and Serengeti appear on the the Talkhouse Podcast.
  • March 6 - Jenny and Blake reunite to perform together as part of the Rock-n-Relief live stream performance to raise funds for CORE.
  • March 10 - Jenny and Serengeti release their third collaboration, Idiot.
  • March 12 - Soleil Moon Frye's documentary Kid 90 begins streaming on Hulu.
  • March 19 - Ringo Starr's EP Zoom In is released.
  • April 14 - Jenny and Serengeti release their fourth collaboration, GLTR.
  • June 11 - Jenny performs in her living room with Morgan Nagler as part of the Tristen the Night Away 2 stream.