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Troubadours is a Rilo Kiley song first appearing on the 2000 second pressing of their self-titled EP, sung by Jenny Lewis. Along with all other songs on the album, it is credited as written by Blake & Jenny.

The song appears as a hidden track on the second pressing of the CD and the vinyl LP, while it got an official track listing on The Initial Friend EP CD. On the hidden track, it begins after 3:12 of silence. At 6:54, a dinging sound entitled "The Annoying Noise of Death" begins, which continues on for over twelve and a half minutes after the song has ended. The hidden track runs for over twenty-two minutes total, and also includes an answering machine message with Jenny, followed by Blake singing a brief song about "Ginger".

The version on The Initial Friend EP doesn't include any of the other things from the hidden track, and fades out early.


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The band played the song live on rare occasions.

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